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Established in 1961, the Institute of Mercantile Agents Limited (IMA) represents collectors, investigators, process servers and repossession agents throughout Australia. Elected members networked across Australia work on matters of licensing, privacy, training and ethics affecting members.

Members generally work as agents for principals such as banks, financiers, lawyers, insurers and the business community. Depending upon State regulations, most members hold a commercial agent/private inquiry agent licence* or equivalent.

The IMA demands high standards from its members. IMA membership requires an applicant to abide to the IMA's Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics which encourage recognised professional and ethical standards.

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Collectors make demands for payment of overdue debts (often pursuant to a formal contract) and enter into dialogue with individual and corporate debtors in order to achieve resolution of delinquent accounts whether by full or part recovery or by establishing the debtor does not have the means to pay. More on Collectors.

Investigators may inquire into, and obtain information about, the personal character or actions of persons, together with the character or nature of the business or occupation of any person. More on Investigators.

Process servers deliver court issued process for a variety of reasons including debt recovery, family law proceedings, civil and criminal litigation in strict accordance with the rules of the issuing court. More on Process Servers.

Repossession agents act for principals to formal contracts (leases, bills of sale, hire purchase agreements etc.) to either seek payment of arrears on or the balance of the loan facility or else to recover the security for the facility (cars, motor cycles etc.). More on Repossession Agents.

[* licence terminology can vary]

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